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BioLogix BioCycle is a line of commercial and Industrial Cleaning, Waste Elimination & Pest Management products. BioCycle products provide GUARANTEED solutions to the ongoing issues associated with overall facilities management, while offering the highest level of sustainability in the industry.


BioCycle products are the culmination of our years of research into the understanding of how specific  WASTE   is generated on an everyday basis, how to safely  REMEDIATE   these wastes, then  RETURN   them back to the environment. Every aspect of the BioCycle line has been carefully considered as to how it will impact our environment, from conception, to production, and all the way to market. BioLogix left no stone unturned with regards to the overall sustainability process when launching our latest series of  sustainable products utilizing the latest in biotechnology breakthroughs.

We have been a leader in the environmental waste, odor, cleaning & integrated pest elimination business since 1989, and have spent every hour of our existence pursuing the goal of creating top quality products that do not harm people, pets, plants or the environment. We were “Green” before “Green” became vogue, and have always incorporated everyday sustainability into the manufacturing of our environmental product technologies. From our plant operations, ingredients, formulations, materials, packaging & shipping along with factors such as understanding the importance of water, gas, storage and disposal reductions, utilizing the BioLogix BioCycle just makes good business, environmental & financial sense.

Our greatest achievement would be to help lead the way in building a sustainable community, one that safely reduces waste at its starting point, so that when it leaves your Hospital, College, University, School District, Corporate Headquarters, Casino, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Business, Manufacturing or WastePlant, there is less strain on our community’s resources. That is our passion, to create a product line that is the finest, most bio-friendly economic solution to your Cleaning, Waste Reduction & Sustainability Goals.

BioCycle = Cost Effective Sustainability


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