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Throughout the country, new laws concerning grease waste disposal are being enacted and enforced. In most states, it cannot be dumped in landfills, thus putting a burden on your community’s waste water treatment facility. Other States have banned the use of chemicals, caustics, acids, and anything else that temporarily addresses the problem of drain line and grease trap waste. All in all, the time to act is now because environmental issues are getting tougher, so you should address this situation for yourself and your business now, on your terms, not the governments or local regulators who are responsible for maintaining their communities infrastructure and excessive FOG’s entering their system is a huge problem.

Over the years, BioLogix has provided hundreds of clients in the food service and hospitality industry with solutions to the ongoing problems associated with grease, fats and oils. BioLogix prides inself on providing cost effective, environmentally positive sustainability solution to grease related incidents, while eliminating the ever increasing costs associated with temporarily addressing this problem. The BioLogix G.E.S. service was developed to provide an ongoing,
turnkey preventative maintenance program that guarantees our customers protection against the unexpected (i.e., business stopages due to line blockages, greasetrap pumpings, malodors, etc.) The BioLogix G.E.S. service offers our customers one cost effective fixed monthly fee for a comprehensive, fully guaranteed program that doesn’t just temporarily address the problem; it eliminates it.
BioLogix offers our customers a choice of service plans that are designed to provide a solution to their problem(s) as well as meet their financial objectives. A uniformed  BioLogix service technician will install a small, self-activating pump, which automatically injects a measured amount of GTD-L, our exclusive eight strain synergistic blend of naturally occuring live vegative micro-organisms. Unlike other products, this custom formulation does not temporarilly emulisfy or suspend the grease fats and oils it eliminates them by first consuming the protien bond that constitutes a grease molecule then consumes the FOG’s as its food source turning it into harmless compounds of CO2 & H2O. In addition, through regularly scheduled bi-weekly on-site inspections, the BioLogix service technician inspects monitors and maintains all drain lines, sinks, overflows and grease traps. Upon completion of all the BioLogix service plans the BioLogix service technician will provide a comprehensive written monitoring service manifest of his/her findings, which will also include suggestions concerning Best Management Practices. BioLogix will also post “NO GREASE ALLOWED” signs in areas where grease should not be dumped or excessive amounts disposed of. ie: Mop sinks and dishwashers. BioLogix includes our Satisfaction, Performance and Odor Elimination Guarantees with each level of service.


BioLogix, the leading Environmental Solutions provider, has developed a series of breakthrough technologies using state of the art biological concepts to eliminate odors in rest rooms and other areas where malodor problems may occur. The BioLogix approach eliminates odors instead of just masking them – a technological breakthrough only BioLogix can provide. BioLogix incorporates these technologies into a full service that guarantees our customers a clean, refreshing, odor free atmosphere in a area that directly reflects on their facility – The Public Restrooms.

Your customers deserve the BEST!

New study reveals that 95% of people AVOID businesses where they have had a negative restroom experience….

As a local St. Louis based company with 23 years of successful results, BioLogix would like to show you why we are the #1 choice when it comes to eliminating NOT masking odors in public restrooms.

Utilizing a series of bio-based, green, odor elimination technologies, the BioLogix restroom, hygiene & odor elimination service is guaranteed to keep your customers coming back time after time… Why? Our exclusive OST (Odor Suppression Technologies) incorporated into all BioLogix restroom products coupled with our refreshing, signature TidalWave fragrance utilizes advanced bio-technology to actually eliminate odor causing, deep set organics. Not visible to the naked eye, they are embedded in your tile, grout, urinals, commodes, floor drains, partitions & sinks. Our product technologies actually consume them and convert them into harmless environmental compounds of CO2 and H2O. Since 1989, BioLogix has studied the true causes of where odors originate and developed the environmental products & service protocols to ELIMINATE them…..GUARANTEED !

“Dollar for dollar, there is no comparison for the service BioLogix provides our University. I have purchased many products and services over the past 25 years and I must say that your HOC  & GES services contributed to the University receiving an “A” rating with the Green College Report Card organization. Thanks”.

Paul Schemmele – Washington University


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