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I would just like to say that our facility has been purchasing the BioLogix environmental cleaning products for many years and I am very pleased with the results and positive comments from both staff and parents. We appreciate the excellent service as well.

Karen, Lots of Love Learning Centers

Never thought I would say this but the product DropZone is the best product that I have ever used in my 30 plus years of facilities operation.  Your TidalWave fragrance is unlike any I have smelled and talk about long lasting, your sales rep was correct when she said a “Dab will do you”. Needless to say, we will be purchasing DropZone for as long as I am in charge and I was recently introduced to KleenFlow that I plan on purchasing , thanks for sending me the FREE sample, it sold me…

Arnie – Lumiere Casino

I normally don’t write testimonial letters but felt compelled when Doug asked me if I would. I have been using the BioLogix products for 8 years and everything about them is exactly what we were looking for. They are better for the environment than Green Seal, they exceed our sustainability policy requirements and first and foremost work better than anything we have used in the past. I am approached by every product salesperson you can imagine claiming their product is the best and I must say that the BioLogix BioCycle line is worth trying… you will not be disappointed.

Paul – Washington University

There are very strict rules and regulations as to what products can be utilized in our facility. I was introduced to the BioLogix products and had to thoroughly put them to the test. They passed with flying colors and exceeded even my expectations. We have had an ongoing odor issue in the play area and after applying the BioLogix products, the issue was instantly eliminated and since using their products it has not returned. I have been receiving other BioLogix services and consider them to be problem solvers rather than just trying to sell products. I would recommend any BioLogix product or service and utilize many of them to keep my facility fully operational.

Michelle – McDonalds

What can I say… They are remarkable. Due to scheduling, we have to be able to clean on Friday and be ready for the game on Sunday. The first time I utilized the BioLogix products I was floored by the fact that it smelled just as good if not better on Sunday after applying them on Friday morning. I know of no other product line that can do that. Needless to say we have incorporated the BioLogix products as a must for the games and have expanded the use of them for many other events over the years as well. Thank you for introducing your products to us.

Mike – Edward Jones Dome

I have said this many times over when the name BioLogix comes up in conversation. ” They have provided our facilities with solutions in many ways”. We have been receiving their G.E.S. ( Grease Elimination Service) for over a decade without incident. The one time their was a high Fats, Oils & grease reading by our local MSD, they interacted on behalf of the GSA and rectified the situation immediatly and as it turned out the GSA, was in full compliance. Please have anyone interested in the BioLogix products or services contact me personally as I am a staunch supporter of  BioLogix and what they stand for.

Dan Frank – GSA – Federal Records Center