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Why Biologix

Since 1989 Biologix has been a pioneer in the development of ecologically responsible products for years. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product that puts the lowest possible stress on the environment in order to reduce our global impact.

Our products are used in homes and businesses throughout the United States, and are completely safe because they are made from naturally occurring enzymes and bacteria. Our newest line, BioCycle, is a line of wastewater treatment and cleaning products that have been specially formulated to reduce their effect on the environment through sustainable, ecologically responsible practices.

The BioCycle line is the culmination of our eco-friendly mindset, and is aimed at eliminating the need for introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.

Every aspect of the BioCycle line has been carefully considered as to how it will impact our environment. The result is something that is safe enough to go back into the community for other purposes, such as fertilizer or recycled water.

We found a way to harness the power of mother nature with BioCycle, by utilizing naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes and blending them together to create a safe and environmentally-friendly microorganism that “eats” away at waste. This microorganism will continue to replicate itself while it is working in order to answer the demands of the amount of waste that need removing., All that is left is clear water. So when that “green” water goes to the processing plant there is less stress on the sewer plants to process the waste water, and less damage to the environment when it gets pumped back into our waterways.

Our BioCycle product line will provide the means for us to be able to make a difference in our community for years to come.


Why BioLogix ? Because what we do is very LOGICAL … NO … BIO-LOGICAL







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